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Why Choose Main Street?

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Main Street Financial Solutions is a boutique business that represents the future of financial planning globally. Working locally but engaging national and internationally the financial advisory team are all highly qualified, and client focused.

We advise a select group of successful professionals, business owners and jet setting retirees. Main Street clients have a life and are generally time poor. They value dealing with a professional and are willing to delegate management of their finances and partner with a trusted, expert adviser to protect and build their wealth.

Our clients want bespoke, ethical advice that is not aligned with a large institution or product provider.

Our values

We offer a fresh perspective on your money matters, with honest, unbiased and straightforward financial advice.

In everything we do, we show we care.

We improve our clients’ lives

We care about what you are trying to achieve. We’re here to support you through life’s journey and help you reach your goals. Our clients know they can rely on us.

We’re passionate about what we do

We believe that money doesn’t have to be a chore. We want you to feel confident about your future and empowered with a new sense of financial freedom.

We put you before your money

We are unaligned and fee for service financial planners. That means that our advice is impartial and based only on what we think is right for you. We care about our clients’ experience.

Main Street Team

Charles Badenach

Principal and Private Client Adviser

Rebecca Fergusson

Principal and Private Client Adviser

Dave Woolford

Private Client Adviser

Emily Hart

Senior Paraplanner / Adviser Support

Rochelle Piesse

Practice Manager

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